Supporting Our Businesses

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, Adam has first hand experience in what it takes to start a business, keep it running, and make it successful. As your State Representative, he brings a small business owners perspective to the capitol so that unnecessary red tape is removed and our small businesses can grow and new jobs and opportunities are created. While serving on the Special Committee on Small Business, Adam helped remove some of the burdensome regulations that were temporary lifted during the pandemic.

Ensuring a Quality Education for Our Children

Growing up and learning in public schools, Adam recognizes the importance a quality education means for our children. St. Charles is blessed with strong public schools and as your State Representative, he will continue to ensure that our schools, our teachers, and our students have the resources they need to succeed. He also believes that all children deserve to have an opportunity for a quality education regardless of where they live.

Fiscal Responsibility

Many Missourians are struggling across the state due to inflation levels not seen in over 40 years, seeing more of their hard earned paycheck going towards increasing food prices and skyrocketing fuel costs. Adam not only voted to reject a recommended pay raise for legislators, he was the only co-sponsor on the resolution to reject the raise.

Increasing taxes in this time would be irresponsible and reckless, especially to those Missourians that lost their jobs, businesses, and dreams. When Russia invaded Ukraine and gasoline prices went up fifty percent, Adam sponsored legislation to suspend the motor fuel tax during the crisis so hard-working Missourians could keep some of their hard earned wages in their pockets.

Punishing Criminals with New Penalties

Package deliveries are more common than ever. Criminals are taking advantage of unclear laws that barely punishes for stealing packages. Working with members from across the aisle, Adam is at the forefront of creating new penalties for crimes that are not clearly defined in our statutes. Porch piracy, ATM tampering, and vehicle handle flipping are among the many subjects in a bill Adam has taken the lead on passing in our legislature.

Support Our First Responders

Our Law Enforcement Officers need our support now more than ever. They took an oath to keep our communities safe and go to work each day knowing they may not return home. Our society’s continuing trend toward a complete lack of respect for law enforcement along with the radical calls to defund the police are dangerous and reckless. The rule of law is dependent on proper enforcement and I will always stand up against those calling to defund the police. I am proud to stand with our police and proudly back the blue. I am proud to be the only candidate in this race endorsed by the Missouri Fraternal Order of Police as well as St. Charles County Sheriff Scott Lewis.


The right to life is one of our most sacred rights and no person has a right to end another life. The people have charged our government with protecting life and liberty, and that protection includes the unborn. As a Representative, Adam will vote to protect life at all stages.

Protecting Your 2nd Amendment Rights

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Adam will fight to maintain the 2nd Amendment by opposing any attempt to limit or restrict the people’s right to keep and bear arms. With the dangerous calls to defund and destroy the police gaining traction in some cities, we see new examples as to why our 2nd Amendment right is nonnegotiable.

Keeping Elections Free, Fair, and Honest

The bedrock of our republic is the electoral process. Too many people have fought and died for the right to participate in elections only to have suspected fraud and corruption take away the value of our vote. As a State Representative, Adam serves on the Elections Committee and has become a go to source on elections law to ensure our Elections are free, fair, transparent, and open. He sponsored legislation that helped bring about no-excuse in person absentee voting, saved taxpayers $9 million in election costs, and requiring a photo ID to vote.

St. Charles at the Forefront

In 2017, a waste transfer station was proposed to go in near a residential area. Alongside his neighbors, Adam fought against the idea and defeated the idea. In the State House, Adam has worked to prevent this from happening again here and around residential communities in other parts of the state.

When a proposal brought about the possibility of converting the outer roads on 70 to one-way, Adam spent time on weekly phone calls with MoDOT, attending town hall meetings, speaking with local residents and businesses and was successful in keeping our outer roads just as the people wanted them.

The St. Charles Convention Center and Sport Authority was the only authority in the state to still have their board members appointed by the governor. In his first year, Adam successfully brought the appointment authority to the St. Charles County Executive.