Keep the Federal Government out of Missouri's Elections

In 2021, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat controlled congress filed as their number one priority an attempt to federalize elections. In response, I authored the Missouri Elections Sovereignty Act that would declare our elections in Missouri, ours to run. Any attempt to federalize the state elections would be met with resistance and not be recognized in Missouri.

Absentee Ballot Signature Verification

When people are voting absentee, we must confirm that the name on the envelope is the person that cast the ballot, that is why we must have signature verification for absentee ballots, just as we do for those voting in person. I am the only person in this race to sponsor legislation that would require signature verification.

Keep our Voter Registration Rolls Clean

Ensuring current and up-to-date voter registration information is maintained in our voting rolls is a key job for all of our county clerks and election authorities. I will work to ensure they are maintained and kept current year-round.

Citizens Only Voting

Cities in several states have allowed non-citizens to vote in certain elections. The right and privilege to vote in this state should be reserved only for citizens and naturalized citizens of the United States that are residents of Missouri. We must prevent a rogue city from allowing non-citizens and illegal aliens from voting in local elections. That is why I sponsored legislation that would prohibit non-citizens from voting in Missouri elections.

Illegal Immigrants

Besides non-citizens voting we are facing a crisis in this state and nation of a flood of illegal immigrants. In 2030 the next US Census will take place and all persons, regardless of citizenship, are counted towards the census and determine our representation in Congress. Their population will undoubtedly affect the number of seats held in all the states across the county. We must work with other states and our congress to fix this problem now before the 2030 census.

Securing our Elections

Since being elected to the Missouri House I have served on the House Elections Committee helping to pass and secure some of the nation’s strongest measures to secure our elections. Measures such as Requiring hand-marked paper ballots in our elections, banning drop boxes, stopping ballot curing, prohibiting private dollars buying equipment to influence our elections and most notably, reversing the decision of the previous legislation that foolishly allowed for mail-in ballots.

Supporting Our Businesses

Small business is the heartbeat of Missouri’s economy. Over half of all jobs in this state are in privately held small business. I’m a small business owner myself. In 2010 I started up a carpet cleaning business with a friend. In 2013 I became the sole owner of it. I know how much paperwork there is involved in starting a business. As Secretary of State, I will work to make it easy for people to start businesses, reduce the red tape, and allow them to succeed.

Support Our First Responders

Our Law Enforcement Officers need our support now more than ever. They took an oath to keep our communities safe and go to work each day knowing they may not return home. Our society’s continuing trend toward a complete lack of respect for law enforcement along with the radical calls to defund the police are dangerous and reckless. The rule of law is dependent on proper enforcement and I will always stand up against those calling to defund the police. I am proud to stand with our police and proudly back the blue.

Our Firefighters risk their lives and health on every call they make. I worked to ensure they have the tools they need to be safe and secure in the health and safety long after they return from an emergency call. I am proud to be endorsed by the Kansas City Firefighters - IAFF Local 42 as well as the Professional Firefighters of Eastern Missouri - IAFF Local 2665.


When it comes to libraries and the materials it offers, I will follow a simple rule. If you cannot read it out loud or show the pictures in a school board meeting, it should not be accessible to children in a publicly funded library and any library that allows it to be accessible will have their state funding withheld. I will enforce that rule all day, every day!

Investments and Securities

Some investment firms have decided that maximizing returns may not be the most important thing for their clients. The latest thing is to maximize their ESG score, that’s Environmental Social and Governance. Currently there is a rule that requires firms to disclose to their clients when they are seeking to maximize their ESG score instead of maximizing returns. The house has passed this as legislation, but the senate has not. Until it is passed as law, I will keep this rule on the books.


The right to life is one of our most sacred rights and no person has a right to end another life. The people have charged our government with protecting life and liberty, and that protection includes the unborn. Adam will always support protecting life at all stages.

Protecting Your 2nd Amendment Rights

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Adam will fight to maintain the 2nd Amendment by opposing any attempt to limit or restrict the people’s right to keep and bear arms. With the dangerous calls to defund and destroy the police gaining traction in some cities, we see new examples as to why our 2nd Amendment right is nonnegotiable.