Unexpected Call


I received a phone call today from a gentleman whose home I visited yesterday. He didn’t catch my name when we talked, but later he saw it on my literature. He called me up and asked if I knew Rich Schwadron that worked at McDonnell Douglas. I told him yes, that he was my father. The gentleman told me what he did and how he worked with my father. He went on to tell me how great of a man my father was. Unfortunately, I had to pass along the news to him that my father passed away in 2011.

It isn’t the first time I’ve spoken with someone that worked with my father. He worked with many people across the area. His work ethic and dedication shines through the stories I hear. I will never tire of hearing how much others thought of him.

A couple years after I earned the rank of Eagle Scout, my father became the Scoutmaster for my troop when our Scoutmaster of 50 years, affectionately known as “Bozo”, decided to pass the baton on to someone else. Coming into the position of Scoutmaster after Bozo, meant taking over for a giant among men. My father excelled in this role. His leadership served as an example that I will carry with me always.